Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing

Above and Be-hound!  Ridgebacks in Action!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are well-known by those who love them to be a versatile breed.  They are smart, honest workers when trained positively and are excited about learning.  We have enjoyed exposing our pack to most performance events as well as tracking, swimming and therapy work.  Besides showing in conformation, for more than a decade we have competed in lure coursing, agility, obedience and rally.  Preparation for any of these events creates a great opportunity to deepen your bond with your RR, while keeping them physically fit and mentally sharp.  Lure coursing is a favorite with our pack who love to chase the “bunny”!  Doug has been an AKC and ASFA lure coursing judge since 2009.  Julie serves on the RRCUS Performance Committee and is also an AKC lure coursing judge.

Below are our RRs (past and present) registered names and performance titles with pictures in their favorite events.  We included a few videos too!

EDDY: Greymour’s Eddy Merckx, CGC, TDI  3/12/00-5/2/11



BELLA: FC Ridgelea’s Bella Chiapucci, CD, RE, NA, NAJ, VC, CGC  5/9/02-5/29/12

BENTON: CH Ridgelea’s Sir Benton LeDoux, RE, JC, NJP, CGC  5/5/02-8/16/14

Benton won Best of Breed at 2004 Eukanuba Tour and was on TV in the Hound Group!

VALENTINE: BIF DC Bridon’s from the Heart of Ridgelea, CDX, RAE, LCX, LCM, AX, AXJ, VCX, CGC, TDI  DOB: 5/1/06



Valentine and Julie in Rally Excellent B 2012

Valentine and Julie in Rally Advanced B 2012

Valentine and Julie in Agility, Open Jumpers Preferred

CHRISSY: MBIF FC Benridge Aces My Heart, CD, RN, LCX, LCM, NA, ET2, CGC  DOB: 4/23/11

Chrissy lure coursing in pink at the 2013 Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty Best of Breed Finals!

P.J.: MBIF FC Benridge’s Peace of My Heart, RN, LCX, LCM2, ET2, CGC  DOB: 4/23/11

LOVEY: CH Rollings Heart of Benridge, CGC  DOB: 7/22/14