Three Generations

We don’t breed often but please be in touch about upcoming litters.

Puppies are a huge commitment of time and resources.  Our puppies are lovingly raised in our home to go to families who will make them an integral part of their family for their entire life.  Besides beginning training and socialization for each puppy, we complete neuro stimulation, temperment testing and structural evaluations, as well as observe our puppies for the entire 8 weeks to place puppies carefully with their family.

We will give you support and guidance to help your puppy become a good canine citizen.  Some issues that we will discuss include crate training, vaccination protocol, exercise, fencing, proper weight and healthy diet, and positive training.  We also have ideas about how to avoid developing a “counter surfer”!

If you would like to be considered for our puppy list, please contact us to BEGIN a discussion.  We receive many inquiries, so if you are serious about adding one of our puppies to your family please share why a RR is a good fit and your experience living with and owning dogs.  Unless you have had one of our pups in the past, we ask that all potential puppy families visit us.

Below are pictures of our Chrissy, who will be the dam of our 2016 litter, and Rusty, the sire of the litter.  Rusty was bred by John Arvin and Susan Gayley.  Both Rusty and Chrissy have been top ranked lure coursing dogs in the country multiple years.  Chrissy was #2 RRCUS combined in 2013, her sister P.J. was #1 that year.  We are proud of both of these dogs as beautiful representatives of the breed in temperment, conformation and as companions.  Continue to scroll down to see pictures of our previous litters.  Julie and Doug are AKC Breeders of Merit.

Chrissy (MBIF FC Benridge Aces My Heart, LCX, LCM, NA, ET) will be bred to

Rusty (MBIF FC Mystic Isle’s Red Cedar Rusty, LCX, LCM2)

Rusty’s Pedigree

Rusty’s COI (20 generations): 11.6%

Height: 26 inches, Weight: 83 lbs

Rusty’s (CHIC) Health Testing

Chrissy’s Pedigree

Chrissy’s COI (20 generations): 22.9%

Height: 24 inches, Weight: 62 lbs

Chrissy’s (CHIC) Health Testing

Past Puppy Pictures